Decision making can be challenging, right?

I know I’ve talked about how to get stuff done by staying focused and managing your workload. If, like me, you have trouble making decisions, or committing to three things, don’t get too caught up in it because often it doesn’t matter.

OK, sometimes there are things that really, really need to be done today because of some sort of deadline. But often it won’t really matter which items make it onto your Top 3 list today. If they’re still important, they’ll make it onto the list tomorrow, or the next day. They’ll be done eventually.

If you don’t believe me, think back to last month. Was there something you didn’t get done on a given day? Probably you have a long list of items on the ‘I didn’t get to that today’ list (tell me I’m not alone here). And here’s the thing: What happened? What were the consequences of not doing something on a given day?

There are days where an important task is not done and there are serious consequences. But generally, on your average day, this is not the case. Even with work deadlines, a great number of them are arbitrary. We take them far, far more seriously than we should. I’m not saying work is not important, or that we shouldn’t try our hardest or be our best. But we should remember to keep things in perspective. And asking yourself: Does this really matter? And then: Why is it important? Are keys to keep what really matters in perspective.

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