Let me guess. You’re often overwhelmed, have too much to do, and feel like everyone wants a piece of you. You spend most of your day meeting obligations, and trying to make decisions (while hearing that relentless “Muum!”). There’s not much time left over for yourself.

Some days you just want to scream “Leave me alone! I just want a few minutes peace!” Maybe you do scream it, or maybe you take a deep breath and say it more calmly (go you!)

Do you ever wonder about other mums, and how they do it? Are their biggest challenges the same as yours, and how do they keep their sanity?

I think everyone wonders that, whether or not they have a circle of supportive friends. So, I’m introducing a series called Mums Like Me.


Mums Like Me 

Mums Like Me introduces you to other mums, in a short video. Mums who share their biggest challenge, and their sanity savers. You get to learn what keeps them sane, so you can improve your wellbeing, too.

eToday you’re meeting Caylie Jeffery, who’ll share a simple tool to reduce stress, increase clarity, and solvs problems. It will also make you a better parent, by improving your wellbeing … because you’ll be calmer. Pretty amazing!

Jump on in and press ‘play’!


A simple tool to reduce stress and improve parenting

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So, tell me, do you journal? If not, do you plan to give it a go?