Would you like a simple way to set priorities with the number three?

Here’s the thing. We all have waaaay too much to do each day. Way too much.

I often think of the lyrics from the Circle of Life, which is featured in the movie The Lion King (which my kids love to watch over, and over … you get the picture!). The song basically says that there is more to see than we can ever see, and more to do than we can ever get done.

So when I’m feeling like I’ll never get everything done I remind myself that this absolutely correct. I never will get everything done – but neither will anyone else.

And I don’t have to get everything done, just the most important things.

I find one of the best things I can do each day to get really focused is to pick three key things that I’m going to achieve that day, and focus on those.

Of course I don’t include the usual daily stuff in my top three. Things like getting up, exercising, meditating, taking a shower, checking my email … they’re all things I do every day and are not included in my top three.

My top three are key priorities for the day. If I’m having a day of housework, my top three may be:

  • Vacuum the house
  • Change the sheets on all the beds
  • Do three loads of laundry

Whereas when I’m in the office my top three will be work related tasks.

Establishing my top three helps me come up with a manageable, reasonable workload that is achievable. And it helps me establish my priorities for the day.

If something doesn’t make it onto my list, it may not get done today. It might, but it might not. So, it’s a filtering system, a prioritising system, and reasonableness check. Pretty good for a simple tool!

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