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Work life balance Archives - Change My Lane

Work life balance

A simple tool to reduce stress and improve parenting

Let me guess. You’re often overwhelmed, have too much to do, and feel like everyone wants a piece of you. You spend most of your day meeting obligations, and trying to make decisions (while hearing that relentless “Muum!”). There’s not much time left over for yourself.

Some days you just want to scream “Leave me alone! I just want a few minutes peace!” Maybe you do scream it, or maybe you take a deep breath and say it more calmly (go you!)

Do you ever wonder about other mums, and how they do it? Are their […]

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3 Steps To Get Your Kids Heads Out Of Their Devices

You have worried about it, we all have.

That the amount of time your kids are spending on devices is having a negative effect on your family life.

In the past decade our world has been turned upside down with the latest and greatest in technology and mobile devices, and this is effecting the amount of quality time we share together as a family.

Everywhere you look you see children (and adults) on some sort of mobile device. As a result of this dependency they are losing the ability to effectively live without them and personal face-to-face […]

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My no-fail guide to following through on your resolutions

How often have you decided to do something, but failed to follow through? Don’t feel bad. We all do this. The problem is that failing to follow through makes us feel ike a failure. 

You don’t want that.

New Years eve is the worst time for this. You sprinkle resolutions around liberally, as though they’re fairy dust. Then, the resolutions disappear, leaving no evidence they ever existed. (Unlike the real dust that tends accumulates around the house.)

This is the problem with resolutions. You set them, and you forget them.

Actually, you set them, you try to make progress over the […]

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What to do when you’re stuck

A lot of us get stuck.  Sometimes because we don’t like the options, or we’re trying to avoid making a decision.

And then we ask our friends and family, “what would you do?” But the responses are always so disappointing. They don’t fit. They don’t sound right. They just don’t work for us.

Why is that?

It’s because, we have to make the decision ourselves. Even if it ends up being the same decision as someone else might make.  And even if it ends up being the wrong decision.

If we let someone else decide for us, we end […]

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The decision making article of your dreams

Decision making can be challenging, right?

I know I’ve talked about how to get stuff done by staying focused and managing your workload. If, like me, you have trouble making decisions, or committing to three things, don’t get too caught up in it because often it doesn’t matter.

OK, sometimes there are things that really, really need to be done today because of some sort of deadline. But often it won’t really matter which items make it onto your Top 3 list today. […]

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Get stuff done by the number three

Would you like a simple way to set priorities with the number three?

Here’s the thing. We all have waaaay too much to do each day. Way too much.

I often think of the lyrics from the Circle of Life, which is featured in the movie The Lion King (which my kids love to watch over, and over … you get the picture!). The song basically says that there is more to see than we can ever see, and more to do than we can ever get done.

So when […]

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Procrastination: Don’t dream it, do it!

It’s often easy to procrastinate without even really meaning to. I know I frequently sit down to do something on my computer, and make the mistake of looking at my email, or checking the weather or something online. One thing leads to another and Bam! There goes the morning.

It’s not that I intended to procrastinate… and what I was doing was useful …. it just wasn’t the stuff I planned to do. And if I’m being honest with myself, it wasn’t as useful as the stuff I planned to […]

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Change your world in 10 minutes

Ten minutes. It’s not much is it? How much do you think you can achieve in ten minutes? I often think I can’t achieve much in that time, but that’s really very wrong. Ten minutes can be revolutionary. It can turn your life around. Let me explain.

I’ve had periods where I’ve stopped exercising and found myself in the usual tired, lethargic, self-loathing state many of us do. It’s really hard to snap out of this mentally, and physically. But I find that I can trick myself into starting something if it’s just […]

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