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Returning to work

7 steps to get your child into daycare

Returning to work is stressful, particularly when it comes to organising child care. You worry about whether you’ll get a place in a good child care centre. You worry about how you’ll cope without your child all day, and about how they’ll cope in their new environment. You worry that you won’t get a child care place at all.

Sitting and worrying is not going to help you. What helps is taking action. But what action should you take?

Good question. Let’s start by looking at how centres allocate places, and go from there.

How places are […]

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14 tips for returning to work after baby

Returning to work after having a baby is hard. There is a lot to organise, but there’s also a lot to think about. You can get very confused, and overwhelmed by it all.

The list of worries is endless. You worry that your work skills are rusty, that you won’t fit into your work clothes, that you won’t have time for everything. Your worry about not being able to work back when it’s busy, and about how rushed you’ll be each morning just getting to work.

You’re not alone. […]

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6 Ways to beat the back to work blues

The back to work blues set in when the holidays are over, and you head back to work or school. It’s easy to fall into a post-vacation slump!

You know what I mean. That kind of flat feeling you get when things go back to the usual, ho-hum of daily, working life. That deflated feeling.

That feeling that makes you wonder if you need to change jobs, or whether you’re in the right career. That feeling that makes you wonder if this is as good as it gets.

Ulgh. It’s horrible. If only it would go away.

Here’s a secret. You can overthrow […]

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Get stuff done by the number three

Would you like a simple way to set priorities with the number three?

Here’s the thing. We all have waaaay too much to do each day. Way too much.

I often think of the lyrics from the Circle of Life, which is featured in the movie The Lion King (which my kids love to watch over, and over … you get the picture!). The song basically says that there is more to see than we can ever see, and more to do than we can ever get done.

So when […]

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