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Cate Scolnik


Cate Scolnik

About Cate Scolnik

Cate is a writer and social media strategist who helps small business owners increase engagement, share their message and create loyal fans. Find her online at http://catescolnik.com, and discover how to start creating fabulous content today.

Procrastination: Don’t dream it, do it!

It’s often easy to procrastinate without even really meaning to. I know I frequently sit down to do something on my computer, and make the mistake of looking at my email, or checking the weather or something online. One thing leads to another and Bam! There goes the morning.

It’s not that I intended to procrastinate… and what I was doing was useful …. it just wasn’t the stuff I planned to do. And if I’m being honest with myself, it wasn’t as useful as the stuff I planned to […]

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Change your world in 10 minutes

Ten minutes. It’s not much is it? How much do you think you can achieve in ten minutes? I often think I can’t achieve much in that time, but that’s really very wrong. Ten minutes can be revolutionary. It can turn your life around. Let me explain.

I’ve had periods where I’ve stopped exercising and found myself in the usual tired, lethargic, self-loathing state many of us do. It’s really hard to snap out of this mentally, and physically. But I find that I can trick myself into starting something if it’s just […]

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