The back to work blues set in when the holidays are over, and you head back to work or school. It’s easy to fall into a post-vacation slump!

You know what I mean. That kind of flat feeling you get when things go back to the usual, ho-hum of daily, working life. That deflated feeling.

That feeling that makes you wonder if you need to change jobs, or whether you’re in the right career. That feeling that makes you wonder if this is as good as it gets.

Ulgh. It’s horrible. If only it would go away.

Here’s a secret. You can overthrow that feeling by taking action, because action has power. But what actions do you take?

You make sure you have something, or several things, to look forward to. That way, you don’t believe that the best is behind you. Here are some ideas to help you do that:


1. Plan your quarterly breaks

That’s right, get your calendar out and start planning. Schedule in all the public holidays and the school terms, first so you can see what’s happening when. Then work with, or around, these dates for your breaks.

You need something to look forward to, so aim for a mini-break every quarter.


2. Catch up with friends and family

Make plans to catch up with all those people you meant to catch up with before the holidays, but didn’t get a chance to pin down – you know who they are!


3. Implement date night

If you’re in a relationship, and particularly if you’ve got a family, implement a ‘date night’. This doesn’t have to be expensive or logistically difficult. It can be as simple as putting the kids to bed early and having a candle lit dinner at home, or watching a DVD together.


4. Declare a holiday

On a day you’re not at work, declare it a holiday. You can do this for one day, or a whole weekend.

Embrace your holiday mindset. Give yourself permission to enjoy a picnic, or an ice cream, or whatever you do when you’re on holiday.

Spend the day thinking “I can do this, because I’m on holiday” or “I don’t have to do that, because I’m on holiday”. It works a treat.


5. Be a tourist in your own town

Think of all the things that tourists do when they come to your part of the world, and start doing them! We take the things on our doorstep for granted, and don’t get around to doing them. Make a list of the things that are available in your town or city, and start planning your trip.


6. Have lunch

Catch up with colleagues by planning lunch or coffee dates. Organise a lunch for you team, to help regroup after the break.


7. Change your world

If you find yourself in the doldrums, think about what’s going on. Maybe there is something in your life that needs changing? Change can be scary and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You can change your world in as little as ten minutes a day. And if you need help actioning your changes, here’s a no-fail guide to follow through.


My personal favourite is number four. I remember doing this years ago, and I had the best day! It was a normal weekend, but I spent the Saturday pretending I was on holiday.

By the time I went back to work on Monday, I felt like I’d had a long, relaxing weekend.


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