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A simple tool to reduce stress and improve parenting

Let me guess. You’re often overwhelmed, have too much to do, and feel like everyone wants a piece of you. You spend most of your day meeting obligations, and trying to make decisions (while hearing that relentless “Muum!”). There’s not much time left over for yourself.

Some days you just want to scream “Leave me alone! I just want a few minutes peace!” Maybe you do scream it, or maybe you take a deep breath and say it more calmly (go you!)

Do you ever wonder about other mums, and how they do it? Are their […]

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5 ways to build resilience in your child

Why would you need 5 ways to build resilience in your child?

Resilience has become the buzz word in schools over the past decade and there have been many self help parenting books written on the topic. When we were growing up, I don’t remember anyone talking about how important it was to build resilience and why it was necessary. So why now?

The definition of resilience as a scientific term is ‘the power or ability to return to the original form, position etc., after being bent, compressed or stretched; elasticity’ (Dictionary.com, 2010). That makes sense […]

By |27th July 2014|Positive parenting|1 Comment

Your child is not royalty,

… and you are not their slave

As parents, you are under more and more pressure to praise every move your child makes. Making your children feel ‘good’ has become a goal to your own detriment.

The happiness of children is making parents feel anxious as children have increasingly become the centre of the family universe. Praise is lavished for the most fundamental of actions such as manners, sharing, cleaning up, cooperation and listening. Surely these actions should be expected as the norm instead of celebrated as amazing?

Worried about tantrums or resistance, parents put aside their own […]

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3 Steps To Get Your Kids Heads Out Of Their Devices

You have worried about it, we all have.

That the amount of time your kids are spending on devices is having a negative effect on your family life.

In the past decade our world has been turned upside down with the latest and greatest in technology and mobile devices, and this is effecting the amount of quality time we share together as a family.

Everywhere you look you see children (and adults) on some sort of mobile device. As a result of this dependency they are losing the ability to effectively live without them and personal face-to-face […]

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Is fear holding back your child?

Isn’t it ironic that one of our worst fears as parents is: why is my child fearful?

Babies are born with two fears:

  • a fear of falling
  • a fear of loud noises

The other fears are learned behaviours from their environment. Our own parenting contributes significantly to the fears our children suppress or express. To gauge our own fear level, we firstly need to look at the relationship we have with ourselves.

Parents who have a good relationship with themselves are generally happy, positive, social, interesting and are risk-takers. When we have a good relationship with ourselves, we tend […]

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7 steps to get your child into daycare

Returning to work is stressful, particularly when it comes to organising child care. You worry about whether you’ll get a place in a good child care centre. You worry about how you’ll cope without your child all day, and about how they’ll cope in their new environment. You worry that you won’t get a child care place at all.

Sitting and worrying is not going to help you. What helps is taking action. But what action should you take?

Good question. Let’s start by looking at how centres allocate places, and go from there.

How places are […]

By |11th May 2014|Returning to work|0 Comments

The secret to happiness – it’s not what you think

Do you want to know the secret to happiness? Of course you do. Who doesn’t.

Well, it’s not what you think, as my daughter discovered. First, let me tell you a story about what happened in my house this morning.

This morning Miss 8 was complaining about her life. She pulls this pouty duck face when she’s not happy (yes, she is behaving more and more like a ‘tween’ every day).

Miss 8’s best friends’ life is soooo enviable. She has everything that Miss 8 believes she wants. My little girl would change places with her in a heartbeat.

I pointed out […]

By |10th April 2014|Positive parenting|0 Comments

14 tips for returning to work after baby

Returning to work after having a baby is hard. There is a lot to organise, but there’s also a lot to think about. You can get very confused, and overwhelmed by it all.

The list of worries is endless. You worry that your work skills are rusty, that you won’t fit into your work clothes, that you won’t have time for everything. Your worry about not being able to work back when it’s busy, and about how rushed you’ll be each morning just getting to work.

You’re not alone. […]

By |5th March 2014|Returning to work|0 Comments

Revolutionary parenting

Here’s a revolutionary parenting idea for you – put yourself first!

Seriously. You are the most important person in the family, and yet you continue to put yourself last on the list. Am I right?

But have you considered that by putting yourself last on the priority list, you’re telling your children that parents are the least important members of the family? That the children’s needs come before your own? That’s wrong on so many levels.

By putting yourself last, you’re indicating that your children are more important than you are. You’re also providing the blueprint for the parents […]

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6 Ways to beat the back to work blues

The back to work blues set in when the holidays are over, and you head back to work or school. It’s easy to fall into a post-vacation slump!

You know what I mean. That kind of flat feeling you get when things go back to the usual, ho-hum of daily, working life. That deflated feeling.

That feeling that makes you wonder if you need to change jobs, or whether you’re in the right career. That feeling that makes you wonder if this is as good as it gets.

Ulgh. It’s horrible. If only it would go away.

Here’s a secret. You can overthrow […]

By |25th January 2014|Returning to work|0 Comments